[Solved] BSNL Broadband Users to Change Passwords Malware Attack

BSNL Broadband users are facing internet problems despite getting DSL link on modem. There may be possibilities that you may be affected by Malware Attack. To get rid of BSNL Broadband Users to Change Passwords Malware Attack you just need to reconfigure modem and step-by-step follow this simple tutorial to get your internet working in just 5 min.

This Malware turns your Modem configuration corrupted & authentication problem.  

Impacted nearly 2,000 broadband modems, where users had not changed default password “admin“. – Report by NDTV

So it is advisable by BSNL to change the default Modem/Router password after a section of its broadband system.

BSNL Broadband Users to Change Passwords Malware Attack

Let me show you how i get my internet working in i-ball 150m 2+ ADSL Router. 

For other Modem/Router steps are the same.

[Solved] BSNL Broadband Users to Change Passwords Malware Attack

Lets say you have Working or Accessible

Open browser and enter to open router configuration


Enter User Name & password as admin

*For other company router username and password may be different (Search on google for default id pass)

Go to Maintenance > SysRestart

bsnl modem reconfigure

Select Factory Default Settings

Hit “Restart” button to restart modem

Again enter to open router configuration & enter username password

Go to Maintenance > Administration

change router default password

Change the Password with your choice (  Use strong password )

Again enter to open router configuration & enter username and password you set early.

Now lets configure internet

Go to Network Setup > WAN

bsnl modem configuration

Select IPv4


Username & Password – Enter the details as provided by BSNL

Rest settings as per above screen shot

Always SAVE configuration by pressing SAVE button below each page.

Go to Network Setup > Wireless ( To set-up WI-FI hotspot )

bsnl wifi modem configuration

SSID – Your desired wi-fi hotspot name

Authentication Type – WPA2-PSK

Pre-Shared Key – Your desired wi-fi password


Lets configure router to prevent future configuration corruption

Go to Access Management > ACL

corruption proof modem configuration

Activate ACL

Enter Secure IP Address – –


Go to Access Management > UPnP

hack proof bsnl modem configuration

UPnP – Deactivated

Auto-configured – Deactivated


Go to Access Management > CWMP 

hack proof bsnl router settings

CWMP – Deactivated

*Depending upon your Router disable Tr069 Client as well.

SAVE it.

Rest thing leave as it is

Now go to Maintenance > SysRestart

bsnl modem restart

Select Current Settings

Hit “Restart” button to restart modem

BSNL Broadband modem configuration

Congratulations upon modem restart you have access to internet and after these settings your BSNL modem configuration will not corrupt.

What to do when not loading

If you got “ this site can’t be reached” error then follow this Steps to get access within 5 min

Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced not loading solution

Click on Restore advanced settings

Click on Apply

Now under Reset Internet Explorer settings click Reset not loading solution

Click on Reset again

Now Disable your anti-virus protection / Firewall protection not loading solution

Confirm to disable antivirus protection not loading solution

Now manually set IP to your Network Adopter

Go to Control Panel > Network Connections this site can’t be reached solution

Select Properties of your Adopter

Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4

Set the IP as follows

Click on Okay & Okay to SAVE settings

Now find the Reset button on Router/Modem

BSNL modem reset button

Press twice rapidly to RESET ( On some modem you need to hold for 15 sec to RESET )

Your modem gets reset

BSNL modem reset

Upon Restart you will able to access modem through in your browser.

Well this is the only solution for not loading problem.

After that you access router just follow above steps to reconfigure modem for corruption free settings.

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