KingRoot Support Device List

KingRoot app provides easy one click root method for android device to root it without PC (User must be connected to internet). It supports almost all android device running android 2.x to 5.1+. Latest KingRoot for android & desktop PC is available for Download (See below for Download links). KingRoot Support Device List is available below ( NOTE: “NOT LISTED” does not necessarily mean “NOT SUPPORTED”. )

KingRoot Support Device List

 Download latest KingRoot 3.2 for PC & Android 4.9.6 app

Download Latest KingRoot 4.9.6 App

KingRoot Support Device List

Share your experience with KingRoot here and keep this device list up-to-date

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Samsung n9106

Samsung n9106hd

Samsung t805s

Samsung t950s

Samsung xe7008




Samsung n9106hd

Samsung g900

Samsung sm-a300h

Samsung sm-a3009

Samsung sm-a300m

Samsung sm-a300yz

Samsung sm-a300g

Samsung sm-a300f

Samsung sm-a3000

Samsung sm-a300fu

Samsung sm-a500h

Samsung sm-a5009

Samsung sm-a500g

Samsung sm-a500m

Samsung sm-a500f

Samsung sm-a5000

Samsung sm-a500yz

Samsung sm-a500y

Samsung sm-a500l

Samsung sm-a500s

Samsung sm-a500fu

Samsung sm-a700h

Samsung sm-a700f

Samsung sm-a7009

Samsung sm-a700k

Samsung sm-a700s

Samsung sm-a700fd

Samsung sm-a7000

Samsung sm-a700yd

Samsung sm-t805y

Samsung sm-t805c

Samsung sm-t807t

Samsung sm-t805m


Samsung sm-t805

Samsung gt-i9506

Samsung sm-g360bt

Samsung sm-g360p

Samsung sm-s820l

Samsung sm-g360m

Samsung sm-g360f

Samsung sm-g3518

Samsung sm-t231

Samsung sm-t235

Samsung sm-t235y

Samsung sm-n9106w

Samsung a7000

Samsung sm-e500h

Samsung sm-e500m

Samsung sm-e500f

Samsung sm-e700h

Samsung sm-e7009

Samsung sm-e700f

Samsung sm-e700m

Samsung sm-e7000


Samsung sm-g530h

Samsung sm-g530bt

Samsung sm-g5309w

Samsung sm-g530f

Samsung sm-g530m

Samsung sm-g530mu

Samsung sm-g5308w

Samsung sm-g5306w

Samsung sm-g530y

Samsung sgh-t399n

Samsung sm-g720n0

Samsung sm-g720ax

Samsung sm-g7200


Samsung sm-g530fz

Samsung gt-i9100

Samsung gt-n7000

Samsung gt-p5310

Samsung sm-n9009

Samsung sm-n9002

Samsung sm-n9008

Samsung sm-n9006

Samsung sm-n9000q

Samsung sm-n900

Samsung sm-g357m

Samsung sm-g357fz

Samsung sm-n7500q

Samsung sm-n750

Samsung sm-n750

Samsung sm-n7509v

Samsung sm-n7505l

Samsung sm-n7505

Samsung sm-n7505

Samsung sm-n7508v

Samsung sm-n7506v

Samsung sm-n7507

Samsung sm-n900w8

Samsung sm-n9008v

Samsung sgh-n075t

Samsung sm-n9008s

Samsung sm-n9005

Samsung sm-n9005

Samsung sm-n9005

Samsung sm-n9008v

Samsung i9158

Samsung gt-i9502

Samsung sch-i959

Samsung gt-i9500

Samsung gt-i9500

Samsung shv-e300k

Samsung shv-e300l

Samsung shv-e300s

Samsung sph-l720

Samsung gt-i9505

Samsung sm-g355m

Samsung sm-g5109

Samsung sm-g5108q

Samsung sm-g5108

Samsung sm-t705y

Samsung sm-t705c


Samsung sm-t705

Samsung sm-g9009w

Samsung sm-g9008w

Samsung sm-g900m

Samsung n900t

Samsung sm-g9006v

Samsung sm-g800m

Samsung sm-g800f

Samsung sm-g906k

Samsung sm-g906l

Samsung sm-g906s

Samsung sm-p601

Samsung gt-i9300

Samsung gt-i9300

Samsung gt-i9308

Samsung sm-c1116

Samsung sm-c115m

Samsung sm-c115


Samsung sm-g750f

Samsung gt-i9158v

Samsung galaxy tab3 gt-p5200

Samsung Samsung-n9106

Samsung Samsung-t950s

Samsung sm-w2014

Samsung sm-g7106

Samsung sm-g7105

Samsung sm-g7108v

Samsung sm-t2519

Samsung sm-t2556

Samsung sm-g360g

Samsung sm-g360gy

Samsung gt-i9301i

Samsung t805s

Samsung n9106



Samsung sc-01g

Samsung gt-i9192i

Samsung sm-g850fq

Samsung sm-g850k

Samsung sm-g850l

Samsung sm-g850s

Samsung sm-g850m

Samsung sm-g850f

Samsung sm-g850y

Samsung sm-n9000

Samsung gt-n7100

Samsung t950s


Samsung sm-n915k

Samsung sm-n915l

Samsung sm-n915s

Samsung sm-n915fy

Samsung sm-n915w8

Samsung sm-n915g

Samsung sm-n915t


Samsung sm-n915f

Samsung sm-n9150

Samsung sm-n910h

Samsung sm-n910k

Samsung sm-n910l

Samsung sm-n910s

Samsung sm-n910c

Samsung sm-n910u

Samsung sm-n910u

Samsung sm-n910w8

Samsung sm-n910g

Samsung sm-n9109w

Samsung sm-g920f

Samsung sm-9100

Samsung cosmos note 4

Samsung sm-n910p

Samsung sm-n910t

Samsung sm-n910a


Samsung sm-p901

Samsung sm-g750h

Samsung sm-g7509

Samsung sm-g7508q

Samsung sm-g3588v

Samsung sm-g3586v

Samsung sm-g9092

Samsung sm-g9098

Samsung sm-g313mu

Samsung sm-g313f

Samsung Note

Samsung Note4


sony sol26

sony lenovo s920

sony xperia s

sony xperia ion

sony c2104

sony c5302

sony c5303

sony c5502

sony c5503

sony c6502

sony xperia zl

sony c6503

sony c6506

sony c6602

sony xperia z

sony xperia z

sony xperia z

sony l36h

sony c6616

sony c6802

sony c6806

sony c6806_gpe

sony c6833

sony c6833

sony c6902

sony c6902

sony xperia z1

sony l39h

sony l39t

sony c6903

sony c6906

sony c6906

sony c6916

sony c6943

sony xperia p

sony d2202

sony d2203

sony d2206

sony d2212

sony d2243

sony d2302

sony d2303

sony d2305

sony d2306

sony d2403

sony d2406

sony d2502

sony d2502

sony d2533

sony d2533

sony d5102

sony d5103

sony d5106

sony d5303

sony d5303

sony d5306

sony d5316

sony d5322

sony d5322

sony d5503

sony d5503

sony d5803

sony d5803

sony d5833

sony d5833

sony d6502

sony d6502

sony xperia z2

sony d6503

sony d6503

sony l50t

sony l50u

sony d6543

sony d6543

sony d6563

sony d6563

sony d6603

sony d6603

sony d6616

sony d6633

sony d6633

sony d6643

sony d6643

sony d6653

sony d6653

sony xperia z3

sony d6683

sony e2003

sony e2033

sony e2043

sony e2104

sony e2105

sony e2115

sony full android on c6603

sony l50t

sony l50u

sony l55t

sony l55u

sony xperia tx

sony m36h

sony m50w

sony s55t

sony s55u

sony sgp321

sony sgp341

sony sgp351

sony sgp521

sony sgp521

sony sgp621

sony sgp621

sony sgp641

sony xm50h

sony xm50t

sony xperia z2



ZTE blade a450

ZTE n958st

ZTE q505t

ZTE u9180

ZTE blade s6

ZTE blade l3 plus

ZTE q7

ZTE q5-t

ZTE grand s ii lte

ZTE n9180

ZTE n918st

ZTE a880

ZTE k30-t

ZTE blade l2 ZTE blade l2

ZTE blade l2

ZTE bgh joy smart axs

ZTE blade l3

ZTE blade l3

ZTE beeline pro

ZTE q507t

ZTE geek 2

ZTE blade vec pro

ZTE v831w

ZTE q301c

ZTE avea intouch 4

ZTE blade v220

ZTE z933

ZTE q505t

ZTE q802t

ZTE q2s-t

ZTE q801u

ZTE g720c

ZTE g720t

ZTE z987

ZTE z830

ZTE amazing x1

ZTE amazing x2

ZTE amazing p6

ZTE blade vec 4g

ZTE blade apex2

ZTE blade apex2

ZTE geek ii 4g

ZTE turkcell t50

ZTE z970

ZTE z998

ZTE grand s ii lte

ZTE s2004

ZTE s2005

ZTE star

ZTE s2002

ZTE star 1

ZTE u988s

ZTE u9180

ZTE u9180

ZTE v9180

ZTE x9180

ZTE a880

ZTE g718c


ZTE g719c

ZTE q801l

ZTE q802c

ZTE q802d

ZTE v9820

ZTE k3

ZTE blade l3 apex

ZTE blade l3 plus

ZTE blade s6 plus

ZTE n9520

ZTE v993w

ZTE n9515

ZTE n9510



Google a1

Google roar_a50

Google micromax aq4501

Google mi438s

Google a536

Google sd4930ur

Google mito_a10

Google evercoss a65

Google sprout

Google micromax aq4501


Google h940

Google nexus 5

Google iris 708

Google material

Google spice mi-498

Google myphone uno

Google nexus 4

Google nexus 7

Google roar_a50

Google nexus 6

Google sparkle v




HTC 321ey

HTC 321e

HTC desire 510

HTC d820mt

HTC d820mu


HTC desire 620g dual sim


HTC desire 620

HTC d626d

HTC desire 626gplus dual sim

HTC d626w


HTC d820us

HTC d820ts

HTC desire 820s dual sim


HTC desire 820

HTC d816h

HTC desire 816g dual sim

HTC desire 816

HTC one_m8

HTC desire 816

HTC one

HTC desire 610

HTC one

HTC one mini

HTC one mini 2

HTC one_m8

HTC d610t

HTC d820t

HTC d816t

HTC d816t

HTC m8w

HTC m8t

HTC m8t

HTC m8st

HTC m8st

HTC d820u

HTC 802t 16gb

HTC 802t

HTC 802t 16gb

HTC 802t

HTC d816d

HTC d816d

HTC d816v

HTC m8d

HTC m8d

HTC m8sd

HTC m8sd

HTC 802d

HTC 802d

HTC d816w

HTC d816w

HTC d816e

HTC d816e

HTC m8w

HTC m8e

HTC m8e

HTC m8sw

HTC m8sw

HTC 801e

HTC 801e

HTC 802w

HTC 802w





HTC desire 820 dual sim

HTC desire 816 dual sim

HTC desire 816 dual sim

HTC one_e8

HTC one_e8

HTC desire 516 dual sim












HTC one 801e

HTC one 801e

HTC one 801s

HTC butterfly s

HTC desire eye

HTC one_m8 dual sim

HTC one dual sim

HTC one dual sim

HTC htl23

HTC one

HTC one

HTC one

HTC htl22

HTC m8et

HTC m8et


HTC 831c

HTC 831c

HTC 0paj5

HTC one

HTC 0pcv1

HTC 710c

HTC 710c



HTC desire 320

HTC desire 526gplus dual sim


HTC desire 526g dual sim







HTC d816v

HTC verizon


LG g tablet


LG u22 LG u22

LG g-pad8.5

LG ux10

LG ux10



Huawei g750-t01

Huawei coolpad 8297

Huawei g750


Huawei h30-u10

Huawei 4x

Huawei ale-l04

Huawei b199

Huawei b199

Huawei c199

Huawei c199s

Huawei c8816

Huawei c8816d

Huawei c8817d

Huawei c8817e

Huawei c8817l

Huawei chc-u01

Huawei chc-u03

Huawei chc-u23

Huawei u9508

Huawei u9510

Huawei d2-2010

Huawei kestrel

Huawei speedsurfer

Huawei g6-c00

Huawei g6-l11

Huawei g6-l11

Huawei g6-l33

Huawei g6-t00

Huawei g6-u00

Huawei g6-u10

Huawei g620-l72

Huawei g620-l75

Huawei g620s-l01

Huawei g620s-l02

Huawei g620s-l03

Huawei g620s-ul00

Huawei g628-tl00

Huawei g660-l075

Huawei g7-l01

Huawei g7-l03

Huawei g7

Huawei g7-tl00

Huawei g7-ul20

Huawei g730-l075

Huawei g750-t00

Huawei g750-t20

Huawei h30-c00

Huawei h30-c00

Huawei h30-t00

Huawei h30-t10

Huawei h60-l01

Huawei h60-l02

Huawei h60-l03

Huawei h60-l04

Huawei honor 6

Huawei h60-l11

Huawei h60-l12

Huawei h60-l21

Huawei h891l

Huawei hn3-u01

Huawei hol-u19

Huawei honor 6 h60

Huawei honor 6 h60-l01

Huawei holly u19

Huawei mediapad m1 8.0

Huawei 403hw

Huawei mt1-t00

Huawei mt1-u06

Huawei mt2-c00

Huawei mt2-l01

Huawei mt2-l02

Huawei mt2-l05

Huawei mt2l03

Huawei mt7-cl00

Huawei mt7-cl00

Huawei mt7-j1

Huawei mt7-l09

Huawei mt7-tl00

Huawei mt7-tl10

Huawei p6-c00

Huawei p6-t00

Huawei p6-t00

Huawei p6-t00v

Huawei p6-u06

Huawei p6-u06

Huawei 302hw

Huawei p6 s-u06

Huawei p7-l00

Huawei p7-l01

Huawei p7-l05

Huawei p7-l07

Huawei p7-l09

Huawei p7-l10

Huawei p7-l11

Huawei p7-l12

Huawei p7 mini

Huawei pe-cl00

Huawei pe-tl00m

Huawei pe-tl10

Huawei pe-tl20

Huawei pe-ul00

Huawei sc-cl00

Huawei sc-ul10

Huawei t1-a21w

Huawei mediapad t1 8.0 pro

Huawei t1-821w

Huawei t1-823l

Huawei y536a1

Huawei y550-l01

Huawei y550-l02

Huawei y550

Huawei y550-l03

Huawei y625-u13

Huawei y625-u32

Huawei y625-u43

Huawei y635-cl00

Huawei y635-tl00

Huawei hol-u10

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