Guide – Buy first desired Domain Online

Billion dollar business cannot start without a NAME. Whether you want to start Food blog, Travel blog, Music blog or Lifestyle blog finding your desired domain name plays important role on your blog business. You may chose from thousand of extension for your domain. Popular domain extension like .COM .NET .ORG & Country specific extension like .IN .US .CO.IN targeting local business. Lets buy first desired Domain Online for you but before we proceed i have to clear the fact that most of the popular extension like .COM .NET .ORG are saturated & finding your desired domain is not possible.

Is it really necessary to have your domain on .COM? Frankly speaking it is not required. WHY?  Do you remember, when you open Google, Bing or Yahoo it opens on .COM or .IN or .CO.IN or .US. Usually users are not paying attention on this thing, they just wanted to find some information from these search engine & when they got their information they are moving to interested domain. Do you ever noticed that four major search engine available on internet namely Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex have any connection with word “Search

What’s in a Name? – William Shakespeare

Why you should buy .XYZ domain?

Buy first desired Domain Online

Lets talk about .XYZ domain. This is the new domain extension available for XYZ generation. Recently, Google wants to buy domain for their Alphabet company. When it comes to .COM they were unable to find desired domain name. So they register Alphabet on .XYZ extension with domain name There are many chances that you can have choice domain name on .XYZ. When it comes to price, it will cost you only 1$ (72 rs) only for 1st year.

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Guide – Buy first desired Domain Online


Gmail Account
You have to open one gmail account for your business/blog. It is required throughout WordPress guide. Note it down on personal dairy.
Personal Dairy
Yes it is required to keep record of all account details. Note down important account details and password on your personal dairy. Throughout this WordPress guide you have to create many accounts on different websites. Note down all the websites/links provided throught WordPress guide series.

Head over to

Buy first desired Domain Online

Open a Hostinger account with Gmail account which you created for blog/business

Once you logged in to Cpanel

On the Topbar head over to Domains & select New domain registration

Once Activated - Your Domain Details

Once Activated – Your Domain Details

Search for your desired Domain Name on .XYZ domain

Select available domain Continue

Fill Whois details – Domain name owner details

Confirm your order. After that one invoice is generated for your order. You need to pay this invoice.

Select PayPal from payment option and USD as currency

Fill card details & personal details on PayPal payment page ( Your Credit/Debit card must be enabled for international transaction )

Once you paid invoice. Go to Domains, there you can see your domain with pending setup

Open it & enter your personal details & Wait for 1 business day to activate your desired domain

See how it looksThrought this WordPress Guide series remains our DEMO WordPress blog in which we are going to perform all actions learnt from our Guide.

All done. Congratulations on your first domain, it gives you a name on internet world where you are going to deliver your contain related to Food, Music, Travel, Hobbies or any stuff you are master of.

Once activated. You need to host it on shared hosting plan or VPS (Virtual Private Server) to LIVE your domain on internet.

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