Boot Micromax LapTab lt777 BIOS Mode

Micromax recently launched its latest Canvas LapTab lt777 with Windows 10 Home Pre-installed. It is required to Boot Micromax LapTab lt777 BIOS mode in order to restore your PC from restore point. Windows recovery also repairs your PC if it has starting problem after update. It can reset your PC if your windows is not starting at all.

How to boot Micromax LapTab lt777 BIOS Mode?


METHOD – 1 Booting from Windows 10 itself

Let as assume that your Windows running properly & you normally boot into Windows.


Micromax lt777 recovery mode

Under Advanced startup select Restart Now

After restart you will see choose an option

Go to Troubleshoot and Select UEFI Firmware Settings & select restart

After restart you will see


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METHOD – 2 Directly Boot Micromax lt777 into Windows Recovery (Windows is not starting at all)

Turn off your LapTab first 

You are now able to Boot Micromax Canvas lt777 into Windows Recovery successfully. This method should work with Micromax lt666 / lt666w / lt777w as all this laptab has similar specification.

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33 Responses

  1. Sir I want to install 64bit Windows 10 on lt777 but pen drive is not shown in boot option

  2. hi,
    I have been trying to install Ubuntu 14 os in my laptab . I created a bootable device using universal usb installer. I also disabled secure boot, fast boot options and quiet boot options , but still if I click the efi boot usb my usb is not being recognized. I also downloaded bbotia 32 but couldn’t find an efi file in my live pendrive .help me to figure out this problem.

  3. I have a micromax lab tab with pre installed Windows 8 OS.. Now I need to update to Windows 10 can any one help..

  4. Akash David says:

    Windows boot work correctly when i select drive to install but it’s saying windows could not format a partition error code 0x80070057hen

  5. Aghaz Akhtar says:

    Can I install Windows 10 Pro (CU) 64 bit on my micromax canvas laptop Lt777?
    Plus reply.

  6. hiiii bro… need ur help…
    is it possible to install/boot windows 7 in my Micromax Lapbook L1161 ?

  7. I want to preinstall windows 10 on my LT777 I should go for 32 bit or 64 bit. Because I had downloaded 32 bit from ( ) is not getting installed it’s showing disk missing . Can I get a direct link to download the windows 10 iso file for LT777 . Can you please contact me personally in what’s app My No. +919612643617. I would be very thankful . Micromax Service Center also couldn’t repair the problem what is it defected regarding software they kept my LT777 for nearly a month but still can’t fix it so I just want to preinstall windows and give a own trial.

  8. I’m unable to see my USB drive in BIOS, I used Rufus Just as u suggested but still the same result, I’ve turned off fastboot yet it just doesn’t show the USB, only windows boot manager and windows recovery are available… I’m using a normal USB SanDisk 32gb pendrive USB 2.0.

  9. Rajnish Rai says:

    Hello sir ….i want to know that can i use wtsapp in laptab lt777 …..please inform me sir as soon as possible ….because tomorrow my laptab will be dilivered

  10. without using any emuator I want to install Android as a separate OS on canvas Laptab lt666 (Lke Android x86,Remix OS,etc) but how ca i do so cause i am never able to boot from a pen drive pls help me……………..I dont want to use any emulator i am not satisfied with emulators I tried partitioning and using Android x86 installer and it showed successfully installed but when ever i booted my device i am always used to by default boot into windows I tried disabling Fast BOOT as and Secure Boot as well but it didnt worked the same result again and again pls help me

  11. Ananth GV says:

    How to get bios option when laptab boots up. What is the function keys to be pressed for this. I want to later install windows 10 through usb.

  12. Juan Marcelo says:

    Hello Dhavel

    I have a micro max lt666, and after a win 10 update i have error with a black and white screen when starting the OS.

    I have a win10 of 64 bit, is there a way to start the win10 64bits from USB by copying the bootia32.efi???


  13. Pravin Kumar says:

    I am using micromax canvas laptab lt666 it is stuck at blue screen of death error 0xc0000001…pls help me out

  14. hi dhaval
    i am trying to reinstall windows on my laptab Lt666. i ahve made a bootable pendrive with windows 10. i have selected it in boot option 1 in bios settings but it is not booting..could you please help me out

  15. Deshwar Khan says:

    Hello, my LT777 came with Windows 32 bit. I am trying to upgrade to 64 bit version. I have created a USB boot media. But, when I try to boot through USB (using the option “Use a device” – “EFI USB Device”), I get the message “System doesn’t have any USB boot option. Please select other option in Boot Manager menu”.

    My Boot Manager only shows “Windows Boot Manager” and “Windows Recovery”.

    How can I make it boot through USB?

    Thank you very much !

  16. Anita Saha says:

    Thanks for the post. I have installed UBUNTU 14 LTS on a USB drive. How can I make Laptab to boot from this device as live ubuntu. I tried the above post. It recognizes the pendrive in the boot menu. I changed it to #1, but after restart (ofcourse doing save and exit), It still boots to windows. The pendrive works fine on other laptop and I can boot it as live USB stick ubuntu.

  17. Hello,

    i have micromax lab tab. Now,i want to install windows because os is corrupted and black screen showing. when laptab. start . Even ,not taking boatable pen drive or external cd disk.

    Can you please tell me how i will install window once again.

  18. Dhruv Mewada says:

    i have micromax lpq61408w laptop. & it have very different (not standard one) insyde h2o bios.pls help me. i want to boot from usb but i din’t find option of boot manager..or option is not changing.
    pls help….

  19. Hi, I have the LT666 Laptab, after windows 10 update , its wont start or do anything …

    I dont have a windows button at the back of my laptab….wonder what is the sequence to get it in boot mode..

    Let me know..

    Thank you

  20. plz help me to recover. im tried to downgrade ma lt777. in the middile the os shows getting started. on that time i am restarted my lt777 . atfer that it showing ” the computer restarted unexpectedly or encounted an error windows installation can not proceed to install windows click ok to restart.. ” how can i go back to previous? plz help me..

    • It looks like you have interrupted installation process.
      Repeat the installation process from beginning.
      Make bootable pendrive & start installation process again.
      Which version of windows you are about to downgrade?
      Can you give me screenshot for idea?

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