10 Things to Consider Before Buying TokenPay / TPAY Coin

As the Bitcoin roller coaster ride experiencing ups and downs, Investors like you & me are moving towards Altcoins to discover the hidden profit opportunities. Many ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are adding to Altcoins day by day with different goals and vision. Today i am going to discuss and review TokenPAY or TPAY ICO. People are making promising reviews of this coin just to earn referral bonus. Let me test TPAY on different angles and show you the real statistics that is going to help you invest wisely. Have a look to 10 things to consider before buying TokenPAY / TPAY Coin.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying TokenPay / TPAY Coin

TokenPay –  Statistics

As per data available on TokenPay site on 22-12-2017 7:45am IST.

They have collected 1342.85 Bitcoin and Sell out 11022500.85 TPAY

tokenpay ico

I am following this statistics from start and they are showing genuine data that is updated after each sell.

They have registered member of 91762 till the date.

Let’s do the simple Mathematics

1342.85 / 91762 = 0.014634053 BTC

As you can see that on an average each registered member is investing .014634053 Bitcoin to buy new TokenPay Coin.

Which is showing their honesty.

TokenPay – Site Traffic Statistics

I want to check whether their data are showing correctly or not. So i have gone through its site traffic statistics. Here is what i found

Alexa Ranking Global – 67,399

tokenpay site traffic

Alexa Ranking US – 18020

Unique Visitors – 6.1K

tokenpay ico legit or not

This data implies that they are showing correct data on site and their site is booming up by 12,438,388 global ranking.

TokenPay –  TPAY Coin availability

They are selling only 140,00,000 (14M) through ICO. That means

142,50,000 –  110,22,500 = 32,27,500 TPAY

You have only 32,27,500 TPAY remaining to buy and earn 50% extra Coin.

For 1 BTC they are offering 3000 TPAY + 50% extra as of now

Total TokenPay Coin Statistics

total tpay tokenpay available

14,250,000 – Token Sale Allocation through ICO

6,250,000 – Block Rewards at 5% APR via Proof-of-Stake (Mining)

2,500,000 – Founders 1-year lock-up period

1,250,000 – Team and Developers 1-year lock-up period

750,000 – Marketing, Bounties, Advisors

25,000,000 – Total TokenPay Coin

TokenPay – The World’s Most Secure Coin!!

As Claimed by TokenPay team TPAY coin is the world’s most secure coin. After seeing the list of features like,

  • Multi-Signature Transactions
  • Ring Signatures
  • Dual-Key Stealth Addresses
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof
  • Tor Network Integration
  • TokenPay SCI or Secure Communication Interface

10 Things to Consider Before Buying TokenPay / TPAY Coin

Is this enough to get 100% secured? Well 99% Yes and remaining 1% depends upon risk factors involved in this cryptocurrency coin investment.

As per official whitepaper available on TokenPay site, they have mentioned the risk factor in PDF file as below

“you are fully aware and understand that in the case where you wish to purchase any TPAY tokens, there are risks associated with TokenPay and the Distributor and their respective business and operations, TPAY tokens, the TokenPay Initial Token Sale and the TokenPay Wallet (each as referred to in the Whitepaper);”

Above statement can be true for most of the cryptocurrencies available on the market. So, don’t bother for 1%. Just think of remaining 99% that they are offering.

Big “NO” for US residents – TokenPay / TPAY

As per official TPAY whitepaper & Bitcointalk Forum

“United States citizens and/or residents are prohibited from participating in the token sale.”

“In light of recent developments in the United States, The TokenPay team have made the decision that TPAY tokens will no longer be offered for purchase by United States citizens or United States residents.

For United States citizens or United States residents who have already purchased tokens through our public token sale, we will be cancelling those purchases and offering refunds based on the price paid.

Please check your account for updates about when you can expect the refund to appear in your digital wallet.  We apologize for any inconvenience. The ICO will continue for other investors”

TokenPay / TPAY Controversy

User’s on Bitcointalk are making harsh comment on TokenPay and Their Team has to answer to following pending questions:

“TokenPay = Copied code of Spectrecoin + A promise of a bank.

TPay being a 100% copy of Spectrecoin has been pointed out several times already, and developers have not even bothered to respond to allegations.

TokenPay completely (except logo) copied Spectrecoin desktop client (v1.3 released August 9th)”

– I hope they will respond to these queries as soon as possible.

TokenPay / TPAY Wallet

  • As of now they are showing support for Android, iOS, Windows, MAC & Linux.
  • But as per my research and experience, Android and iOS wallets are not available yet it is showing on their site.
  • Further more On my Windows 10 Home 32bit PC their desktop client is not supported. Although It is working on Windows 7 64bit PC.

tokenpay wallet windows

TokenPay –  Technical details

  • Protocol – PoSv3 means Proof-of-Stake
  • Block Time – 60 Seconds (Which is considered faster than Bitcoin)
  • Minimum number of hours a desktop wallet has to be running to claim any rewards – 2 Hours
  • Blockchain Explorer / Website – http://explorer.tpay.ai/
  • Minimum Fee – 0.0001 TPAY

TokenPay / TPAY Coin Team

Their CEO Mr. Derec Capo is available on major social platform to answer your questions. Here are the Interview videos for your reference,



Here is Verge lead developer explaining Technical Details


TokenPay / TPAY Future 2018!!

Well future is unpredictable for anything in this world but we can say the features this cryptocurrency has can beat and compete with major secure coins like Monero, Dash & Zcash.

If this is the scenario then current 3-6$ (Approx.)  will become 30 – 300$ in near future.

Well, after considering all these points, personally I have invested 0.03 BTC for 135 TPAY after considering 50% Bonus.

tokenpay dashboard

And I would like to recommend you to invest .05 BTC (Minimum .01 BTC). Considering these Facts!!

Guide to buy TokenPay Coin / TPAY ICO

Hurry up to buy TPAY as they were offering 50% extra coins for next 2 weeks.

tokenpay ico sell

Log on to


Buy the TokenPay worth .01 to .05 BTC depending upon your investment strategy

buy tokenpay coin


You will get this mail from TokenPay

tokenpay support

Transfer the said amount of BTC to their address.

Click on “Confirm”

buy tpay ico

After that you will this email in your mail box

tokenpay support

Once Completed you will see TPAY in your account and mail like below.

tokenpay support

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